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No worries

Collecting points on your webshop is now completely automatic.

Useful information

Collect useful customer data and statistics.

Make shopping a party

With Piggy you can quickly and easily set-up a rewards program for the perfect customer experience. Let your customers collect points for fun rewards, such as discounts or free products. You decide on the rules, for example, one point per purchase or with a minimum order value. This way you can increase loyalty and really make shopping a party.

Integration in your checkout

Naturally, you want to have as many customers collecting points as possible. Fortunately, its super easy for customers to sign-up, thanks to our online widget and checkout integration. Customers can easily see how many points they have and what rewards they can redeem. This way, customers keep returning to your webshop and you can reduce cart abandonment.

Top features

Flexible settings

Build your ideal program quickly and intuitively. Any and all rules and rewards are possible

Useful statistics

Collect valuable insights, such as birthdays and purchase behavior - all in one database

2.2 million Piggy members

Customers not only collect points with you, but also with thousands of other stores. That's why so many more people are participating.

Automatic emails

Send triggered emails based on data or customer behavior. Set once, benefit forever.

This is how you install the Shopware plug-in

Together with our development team, you can easily link your Shopware webshop to Piggy's loyalty software. Leave your details and we will get to work.

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The useful thing about Piggy is that we also collect email addresses and data directly from all our members. With the Piggy email module, we stay in touch with all our customers and we can send emails based on customer behavior.

Jorien Kunst - Owner Izzy Fashion

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