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Piggy Loyalty Privacy Statement

This is the Privacy Statement of Piggy Loyalty B.V. (Piggy, we, our, us). Piggy Loyalty B.V. is the website provider and serviceprovider. We think your privacy is important and we handle your personal data with care. In this Privacy Statement we explain how we (can) process your personal data and what your rights are.

Piggy is the largest loyalty program in the Netherlands. Piggy offers a savings program for customers at various affiliated companies (Piggy Locations).

You can participate in our savings program by creating a Piggy account (Account) with us.� You can create your Account on our website, via our app (Piggy App) or when you visit one of the Piggy Locations and leave your email address and / or other details for the benefit of the savings program that the Piggy Location has hosted with us.� 

You can choose to use and / or save with a physical savings card (Piggy Card) via the Piggy App. Both the Piggy Card and the Piggy App contain a unique QR code that is linked to your Account. You use your Account by scanning the QR code when making your purchases at the Piggy Location. This way you save for interesting extras and / or free products from the Piggy Locations.

We are an innovative organization that continuously improves and expands its services. We also offer you the opportunity to purchase gift cards and strip cards through us, whether or not using your Account, which you can use at various shops and service providers.

When creating and using your Account and when you make purchases through us, we process personal data. We also process personal data when you use the Website. We can also process your personal data when you contact us, for example if you have questions about our services.

We also process personal data of the contact persons of Piggy Locaties, when they purchase our services and want to offer their customers benefits through our savings program.

Who is the controller?

Piggy Loyalty B.V., located in Maarssen at Bisonspoor 3002-B901, is responsible for the processing of the personal data that is processed via the Website, the Piggy Card, the Piggy App and other services that we offer. You can reach us by telephone on 085 - 77 37 177 and by email at

Which personal data do we process?

The personal data we process depends on the services you use and in what capacity you use our services.

Creating and Using an Account

Registration: create an Account. You can create an Account via the Website or at one of our Piggy Locations. You can also do this by downloading the Piggy App and creating an Account. When creating an Account, we will at least process your email address. In addition, we can process the following personal data: name, telephone number, zip code, country, date of birth, gender, language and password. In addition, we create a unique account number and a QR code that is linked to your Account.

Use of the Account:
processing when purchasing products. When you use your Account to purchase products (you scan your Piggy Card or the QR code in your Piggy App), we process the following data: Your account number and / or your QR code, data about the Piggy Location (name, address and location), time at which the Piggy Card or the Piggy App is scanned, which purchases you have made, the price of the purchases and how many points or coupons the purchase yielded.

Use of the Account:
Piggy App. When you use your Account using the Piggy App, we may process your location data if you have enabled this option on your mobile device. You can choose to turn this on and you can turn off the location data at any time. We also process technical data to enable the Piggy App to function on your mobile device, such as the type, operating system, version of the app and a unique identifying number (such as an IP address or MAC address).

Use of the Account:
redeeming the points. You can consult an overview of the points you have saved on our Website. When you redeem your points, Piggy keeps track of when you did this, where you redeemed your points and what products or services you purchased with the points.

Contacts of Piggy Locations.

Registration:� To place your promotion as a Piggy Location in our savings program, you first create an account. We ask you to fill in the following personal data: Name, email address, company name, address and place of business and bank account number.

Use of gift cards and strip cards.

Gift and strip card:� We offer you the opportunity to purchase a gift card or strip card through us. For example, as a Piggy Location you can reward your (regular) customers with this gift card or strip card, or you can buy a gift card or strip card for yourself or someone else to exchange it later for services or products. Each gift card or strip card contains a unique QR code. We register the value of the gift card or strip card, the relevant transactions and when and where they are used. A gift card or strip card is not linked to a specific person, but is "bearer"; it entitles the owner to the value associated with it.

Visitors to our Website, readers of our mailings and telephone contact

Information you provide to us:� When you visit our Website, send us a message or contact us by telephone, you may provide us with personal data, for example because you have a question or request. We may process your name, your email address, telephone number or other contact details in that regard. In addition, we process other personal data when you provide them with your questions, requests or in chat conversation.

Personal data generated by our Website or via e-mails:
� When you visit our Website, certain data is processed and generated, such as your IP address, data about surfing behavior, date and time of your visit and the way in which you navigate through our websites. For more information about placing cookies, you can consult our Cookie Statement [ ] If you open a newsletter or commercial e-mail from us, we can keep track of when you opened it and which parts you clicked on.

For what purposes do we process personal data?

We primarily process your personal data in order to allow you to use your Account, with all associated services and functionalities, such as participating in our savings program and in promotions of the Piggy Locations. More specifically, we process personal data for the following purposes:


  • Registration of Users and Piggy Locations.

  • Creating and maintaining the Account.

  • Handling of questions and requests.

  • Checking the Account, check for completeness.


  • Offering both the Account and the Website, as well as the services and functionalities available there, and offering gift cards and strip cards.

  • Passing on information about your Account to Piggy Locations for the purpose of promotions and marketing activities of Piggy Locations.

  • Keep users and contact persons of Piggy Locations informed of our services.

  • Making targeted offers and giving suggestions and advice, focused on the users of our services.

  • Compliance with the agreements we have with users of our services, and performance of (service) agreements.

  • Improving our services, making analyzes to optimize our services.

Compliance and security

  • To comply with and enforce our Terms and Conditions.

  • Preventing and detecting illegal activities, fraud and breaches of security measures.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations, legal rulings and orders, responding to governmental requests.

  • Handling of claims and complaints.

  • Protecting our operations, our rights, privacy, security and property.

What is the basis for the processing of personal data?

We only process personal data when there is a legal basis for this.

Execution of the agreement. When you create an Account, you enter into an agreement with us. We offer you a service that you accept and to which our General Terms and Conditions apply. We also make agreements with the Piggy Locations, to which General Terms and Conditions apply. Based on this, we must process personal data of contact persons of Piggy Locations.

Permission. In certain cases, we may ask you to give your consent prior to data processing. The Piggy App will ask for permission in advance to use your location data. Where required by law, we ask for your consent for certain direct marketing activities. We can also ask for your permission to place cookies on our Website. When you give your consent to us, you have the right to withdraw your consent. This is without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on consent to its withdrawal.

Legitimate interest. We may process personal data because we have a legitimate interest in doing so, or because the Piggy Location or other third party to whom we provide your personal data has a legitimate interest. For example, we have a legitimate interest in securing our systems and detecting irregularities. Our interest in securing our property and systems will not disproportionately infringe your rights and freedoms. The Piggy Location has a legitimate interest in performing customary marketing activities, insofar as your privacy interest does not prevail.


We believe it is important to tailor our services as much as possible to your preferences and to show you information that is easy to find and relevant to you. We can draw up user profiles for this. This may result in us providing users with different information.

Direct marketing

We offer you the opportunity to sign up for our newsletters and other direct marketing messages that come from us. If you have given your consent, we may also send messages about initiatives by partners with whom we work.

You can easily unsubscribe from the messages we send you at any time, by using the link in the e-mails or by adjusting your preferences in the area of ​​your Account.

The Piggy Locations can also send you direct marketing messages, for example because you are a customer at the Piggy Location. Sending direct marketing messages by Piggy Locations is beyond our control. We have no control over this and are not responsible and liable for this.

Who has access to your personal data?

Our employees have access to your personal data on a need-to-know basis. We may in certain cases share personal data with third parties. We only do this when this is necessary for our services and in accordance with the purposes described in this Privacy Statement.

We may share personal data with Piggy Locations where you use your Account. We only share those personal data with Piggy Locations that relate to your purchases at the relevant Piggy Location, as well as your card number, QR code, name, gender, date of birth, email address, address and telephone number. The Piggy Locations are independent data controllers with regard to the further processing of your personal data. This means that the Piggy Locations themselves determine how and for what purposes they further process your personal data. We have no control over this and are not liable for the way in which the Piggy Locations further process your personal data. If you want to know how the Piggy Locations handle your personal data, you can contact the relevant Piggy Location.

We may share personal data with (intended) legal successors or (intended) investors if they intend to continue or participate in our services.

We use service providers for, for example, the management of the Website, Piggy App and for hosting. To the extent that these service providers process personal data as processors on our behalf, we record agreements in a processor agreement.

Only if and insofar as we are legally obliged to do so, do we share personal data with regulators, competent authorities and investigative authorities.

Are your personal data secure?

We have taken appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect the personal data we process against loss or unlawful use. In this way we secure our systems and applications in accordance with the applicable standards for information security. We have also made agreements with our service providers and obliged them to take adequate security measures.

Is your personal data processed outside the EEA?

In principle, we process your personal data within the European Economic Area (EEA). Because we can use processors who have their headquarters outside the EEA, it cannot be ruled out that we will share personal data directly or indirectly with organizations outside the EEA. If this is the case, we take appropriate measures to legitimize this processing.

How long do we keep your personal data?

We only keep personal data for as long as this is necessary for the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Statement. This means that we will in any case process personal data as long as you use our services, including the use of your Account. If you no longer wish to use your Account, or if you no longer wish to participate as a Piggy Location in our savings program and no longer purchase services from us, we can keep your personal data for a maximum of two years after the end of our relationship, unless a different minimum retention period is prescribed in a specific law.

When you have indicated that the Piggy App can use your location data, it is real-time information. This means that this data is not stored

Requests for access, correction and deletion

Any data subject can exercise certain rights on the basis of the law with regard to his or her personal data. You have the right to inspect, correct and delete personal data concerning you. You can also object to the use of your personal data or request that this use be limited.

If you have an Account, you can easily view your data by logging into your Account, via our Website or via the Piggy App. You can change or delete certain personal data within the environment of your Account. If this is not possible or not sufficient, you can contact us to exercise your rights. You will find our contact details at the top of this Privacy Statement. Please indicate clearly with each request which data processing operations are involved. We may ask you for additional information to establish your identity.


If you have complaints about how we handle your personal data, you can reach us via the contact details at the top of this Privacy Statement. We are happy to help you find a solution. If that does not work, you can always turn to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


We are constantly working on optimizing our services and offering innovative new services. This may mean that we change something in the personal data that we request from you and that we further process. Regulations can also change. We will therefore adjust our Privacy Statement from time to time and recommend that you consult it regularly.