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The easiest loyalty software out there

Establish an emotional connection by building powerful loyalty programs that drive revenue. Set your rewards, send targeted messages, sell giftcards - and so much more. All from one easy dashboard. 


Forget about punch cards. Skip developer drama. We make it ridiculously easy to create any type of loyalty program you want. Thanks to easy integrations, tools and customizable rules
you can build your program in days,
not months. 

Customer Loyalty

Brand Loyalty

Employee Loyalty

"We’ve built our reward program in just a few days. We chose Piggy’s software because it has all the loyalty features we need and it integrates easily with all our systems."


Loyalty suite

Build any loyalty program
you want.

It's like building with Lego Blocks - you can design and customize any type of loyalty program your business needs.

We play well with others

Piggy integrates directly with your existing stack to automate your workflows - from eCommerce to POS and HR-systems. Grow your business, without the hassle. 

Ready to build a powerful loyalty program?

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Start building right away
Easy & fast onboarding