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Set your brand apart with a gamified program.

The loyalty game is all about creating emotional connections at scale. Use the power of gamification to create a more engaging and exciting program to make your company stand out from the crowd. 

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Loyalty tiers

Use loyalty tiers to give members special treatment.

Did you know that 74% of members become more loyal when they’re challenged to work towards a goal? Create different loyalty tiers and challenge members to reach top levels for more perks. What’s more, use tiers to identify your VIP customers, and give them exclusive access to benefits.

Badges & Awards

Create emotional connections with badges & awards.

Go beyond transactions and recognize your top employees or customers with badges and awards. By offering virtual badges to top members, companies see a 37% increase in share of wallet - even when the recognition carries little benefits. Create triggered email flows that send your on-brand badges, fully automatically.

Loyalty rules

Drive engagement rates with advanced
loyalty rules.

With advanced loyalty rules, you can motivate members into action by creating timely campaigns. Think of point boosters and accelerators during slow times, holiday season or any other reason you want to drive engagement. Or increase usage rates by setting up time frames and conditions for points and rewards with expiration dates. 

Custom attributes

Personalize your program with custom attributes.

There’s no better way to gamify your program than through personalization. Surprise members at specific moments or for activities through scheduled journeys and rewards. With the custom attribute feature you can basically reward any type of behavior. From a customer’s favorite meal or product, to purchase habits, milestones achieved, store visits, age group, tier level… well, basically anything. 

Smart segmentation

Build your program based on powerful segments.

Create highly effective targeted campaigns with ease by using filters and segmentation. Do you want to increase purchase frequency among your biggest spenders? Or re-activate members that haven't shown interaction? Whatever it is, create segments to send campaigns and messages at precisely the right moment. 

"It's amazing to see how much our customers enjoy the process - they love to make the most of our rewards program."
Yoghurt Barn

Step up your loyalty game.

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